Here’s the thing, ‘cake club’ is exactly what it says on the (cake) tin; a cake club, not a baking club. It’s also about fostering the idea of sharing a whole cake into several morsels (several times over). Cupcakes, muffins, brownies, biscuits, pies and tarts are banished; their inclusion would redefine us as a baking club! However, for one night only, these ‘rules’ were put aside and the theme for this event was ‘Anything Goes’. So not only to go by what is said on the cake tin but also on the baking tray and tart mould. From bread to biscuits to tarts, anything was on the cards. I took the theme to its extreme by attempting to make a Tiramisu that was something more of a cake like structure using up spare bits of sponge from my freezer that I had baked and never used!


Our hosts for the evening was the coffee bar at Nuffield Gym in Shipley. If nothing else gets us to the gym then at least cake does! It’s a great venue and again, we were very well looked after as we have been on all previous occasions. A very big thank you goes to them for helping make the event such a pleasant one.

As expected there was an eclectic mix of beautifully baked delicacies. Bread, biscuits, tarts and cake all featured. The feedback from those that attended was it was a nice change to have different things to try on the night and also to extend one’s baking repertoire. Here the all are:







A final thank you again to our hosts.  And who knows, if we’re good, the cake fairy might just bring this event back for an encore as a special occasion once in a while.


Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing, Shipley

2 Fred Atkinson Way

Otley Road



West Yorkshire BD17 7HE


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