I am a veritable foodie and love to cook.  Over the years, in parallel to my IT ‘day job’, I’ve attended several cookery courses which have included pastry making, bread making, Christmas cookery, chocolate making and pâtisserie.  Some of my cakes have even been award winning! In pursuit of my passion I am now also a Le Cordon Bleu trained pastry chef.

I was born in Zimbabwe and the word “shamwari” in Shona (the predominant language of the  indigenous Mashona people of Zimbabwe) means ‘friend’ and has special meaning to me, having grown up with it as a term of endearment. The literal translation of ‘Chez Shamwari’ would be ‘at my friend’s  house’.  There is something very sociable and special about sitting down  at a table to share food; it presents the opportunity to make new, and  consolidate old, friendships.  So Chez Shamwari conjured up for me the very epitomy of this.  While my guests may arrive as strangers to each other, I  would hope that they will leave as friends.

I love having people round my kitchen table for lunch, dinner or just coffee and cake.  It’s been my dream to run a little coffee shop or tea room but has all seemed a step too far.  Finding out about underground or secret supper clubs  and tea rooms has been extremely exciting as I think this just fits the bill for me.

At Chez Shamwari I will have achieved my objective if the feedback from my guests is ‘I couldn’t have done better myself’.  I am humbled to say that, since its inception, I have lost count of the number of times my guests have said it’s been the best afternoon tea they’ve ever had!

My kitchen is registered with Bradford Council in compliance with the food hygiene regulations 2006  and I hold the Royal Society for Promotion of Health Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene.



4 Responses to About

  1. Dorothy Bilton says:

    Having visited ‘Chez Shamwari’ on several occasions I can vouch for the warm welcome as well as the outstanding food! Highly recommended!
    Dot (York)

  2. MichelleinSA says:

    Oooooh after reading this I just wish that Pietermaritzburg was “around” the corner from you. P explained the meaning of Shamwari but he’s a man and you have done it so much better. He got a “oh right” from me, you got a “that is lovely” from me. You win 🙂

  3. maureenrandle says:

    where IS the restaurant/bistro? We live in Saltaire so an address would be useful!

    • Shamwari says:

      Thanks very much for getting in touch via my website.

      I do not run a commercial bistro such as you would find on a high street; it’s run from my home. The whole concept is that only once you have booked only then do you get to know where my location is a few days before the actual event, hence the description ‘clandestine’ or ‘secret’ bistro.

      If you wish to book, please go to the Bookings & Opening Hours page on my website for further details.

      I hope that clarifies why there is no address or phone number on my website!

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