Contact me

You can contact me in the following ways:

email:  info(at)chezshamwari(dot)com

twitter: @chezshamwari

instagram: chezshamwari

Facebook:  ChezShamwari

I look forward to hearing from you.


3 Responses to Contact me

  1. MichelleinSA says:

    It’s me, Michelle – I want to get new posts via email so I can keep up 🙂

  2. fiona says:

    What an experience visiting Chez Shamwari yesturday! Six people who mostly had never met before sharing a seriously delicious tea while getting to know each other. Fab way to spend a saturday afternoon! We were plied with lots of food all beautifully displayed and given a menus so we knew what to expect. I took my first bite (and I did start off quite hungry) of a warm from the oven swiss onion tart. It was gorgeous! I loved the texture of the biscuits with roquefort and a crunchy nut on top…was ‘forced to eat two of those! My favourite of the sweet selection was the chocolate cheesecake brownie…unusual, rich and chocolatey. I did feel happily full after my tea and in fact ate nothing else until breakfast the following day. It’s an experience and I recommend people try it for themselves

  3. Sarah Mason says:

    Thank you so much for a fantastic afternoon. Everything was ace: the cooking divine and the company delectable! I will definitely be returning again soon and would recommend this venture whole heartily to anyone thinking about it! Even if it’s just for that Carrot cake; I would say it is legendary for a reason! Thanks Shirley and good luck for the future 🙂

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