The Pipe & Glass, South Dalton

This was the final stop on my 6 stage Yorkshire Michelin Star journey.



And I had my delightful partner in crime to accompany me again … and we did get up to some mischief but more of that later.  Now, it wouldn’t have been the same if there hadn’t been a challenge to the journey of getting there (as with The Black Swan).  This time, a motorway closure was thrown at us, directly on our route!  So yet again, we left earlier than planned to allow for extra time and took the diversion recommended by my sat nav.  It was a beautiful sunny day as we headed East and were able to take in the lovely East Yorkshire countryside – I can see now why it had caught David Hockney’s imagination.  In the end, the journey was a breeze.

The sight of the church spire of South Dalton was breath taking.

Village of Dalton

We received a very warm welcome.  The pub was already bustling with those dining in the bar section and was filled with aromas to get the juices flowing.  We were ushered through to the dining room lounge where a lovely fire was blazing, and provided with menus; a specials board was above the fire place.

Vegetarian menu

Lounge and specials menu

And for the vegetarians amongst you, also a veggie menu:

Vegetarian menu

I got very nervous as I struggled to choose what to order; when I have such indecision I usually end up ‘ordering the wrong thing’.  I finally got there, heaved a big sigh, and hoped that I wouldn’t be disappointed with my choices.

Sunny day outside in East Yorkshire

While this establishment offer food of the highest order, they have managed to keep a very nice ‘pubby’ feel about the place.  It’s not formal and stuffy but very relaxed and tastefully furnished.


The tables are all exposed wood and are nicely spaced out so you never feel claustrophobic.  We were fortunate to have a sunny day and with the natural light streaming in through the windows, it made for a bright and airy atmosphere.  The table was set with effective simplicity – less is more here and it definitely works.


Beautiful place settings

To start we were offered two types of bread:  walnut and chef’s three stout bread.  Both were delicious.


My starter was smoked haddock fishcake with a ‘cullen skink’ stew. It was beautifully presented and tasted as good as it looked.  It ticked all the right boxes for me.

Smoked haddock fishcake and 'cullen skink'

To follow was the most amazing Wild halibut fillet with crab croquette, samphire and cauliflower champ.  The halibut was chunky and a decent size portion (I know I can be greedy but I often shy away from ordering fish in restaurants because the portion size leaves you feeling you’ve been hard done by!).

Wild halibut fillet with crab croquette, samphire, caulifower champ

We had also ordered a portion of mixed greens – I asked for the walnut butter dressing to come on the side and just added little bits of it to the veg which worked just fine for me as I don’t like things smothered in butter unnecessarily.

Now I referred to mischief earlier, and this is the point at which it all started … what dessert to choose?!  ‘Partners in crime’ is a very apt description as to what was about to take place.  Said crime partner had hinted to the mayhem as we walked in … ‘are we allowed two desserts?’  Unphased, I said have as many as you like!  The reason for the question was that some spying of the menu on the website pre-visit had gone on and said partner had realised there was going to be trouble when it got to dessert.

The dilemma was all over the ‘5 reasons for chocolate’ plate.  We were both desperately inquisitive as to what was featured on this.  When I suggested, why didn’t we share the chocolate plate as our ‘petit fours’ with our coffee, she exclaimed ‘you’ve read my mind!’.  The look on the waiter’s face was a wide-eyed look of horror and astonishment when we ordered our desserts and then requested these be followed by what could only be our ‘death’ (literally) by chocolate.  Unmoved, we stood our ground and assured him, that’s what we wanted to do.

Round one dessert for me was a sublime sticky toffee pudding with peanut brittle ice-cream.  I didn’t quite get the mini of stout that came with it – that went to said partner in crime!  I had no difficulty polishing off the rest of it.

Sticky toffee pudding with peanut brittle ice cream and some stout

Round two – coffee and the 5 reasons for chocolate plate.  What a beautiful sight it was!


The 5 reasons were:  chocolate brownie with cherries; white chocolate crème brulée; pyramid of chocolate ganache; chocolate sorbet and a kind of mocha mousse.  It was awesome.  I am so pleased we had ordered it even though it was exceptionally gluttonly (is there such a word?).  Somehow, we managed to polish most of it all off.  I say ‘most’ because the only thing we both didn’t really like was the white chocolate crème brulée.  We both don’t care very much for white chocolate on its own which wasn’t a good start, but the dessert was just too sweet and rich with not much indication to me that it was all about white chocolate.

Coffee and more chocolate

As if we hadn’t had enough chocolate by then, we both bought raffle tickets for the giant size Easter egg made by the chef, James McKenzie (20kg of it!).  Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of it …

I could wax lyrical for quite some time about this place.  In terms of my Yorkshire Michelin Star journey, it’s almost like the ‘stars’ were all aligned for us that day as it was one of those intensely enjoyable and happy occasions, timed with being the last stop of my journey.  A most fitting end.

The Pipe and Glass Inn
West End, South Dalton,
Beverley, East Yorkshire,
HU17 7PNTel : 01430 810246
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