No 10 The Coffee House, Haworth

I was told about this little gem a few years ago.  It is nestled between a row of terraced houses at the bottom of the quaint, cobbled main street of the Yorkshire village of Haworth.  Yes, the Haworth of the Bronte’s and Top Withens.  You could almost miss it as its entrance is wonderfully understated but classy.

It was with much excitement and intrigue that I paid it my first visit some years ago.  This was back in the days before I had my blog hence never publishing a review.  However, I did happen to write myself a few notes at the time and found it interesting to refer to these again jogging my memory of the treat that would be in store.  It was therefore with equal eager anticipation that I returned to No 10 for a repeat experience.

This is a place where you don’t want to rush and indeed, the delightful owner and hostess, Claire, encourages you to spend your time and enjoy an escape from the world outside.

No 10 specialises in coffee but has an equally impressive selection of loose leaf teas.  As soon as you enter, the aroma of freshly ground coffee is very vivid.

The coffee house takes up the ground floor space of what is Claire’s family home which also serves as a boutique B&B.

The coffee shop area is divided into two sections.  Upon entering, the front half has a more formal seating arrangement with tables and chairs neatly arranged whilst the other half to the back of the coffee house has a more relaxed setting with two low tables surrounded by comfy seats and a fire place.

One aspect of the front room wall displays some of Claire’s homemade goodies for sale such as preserves and fudge.

The coffee and tea menu could prove daunting for anyone who doesn’t know their Java from their Blue Mountain or their Lapsang from their Darjeeling.  However, help is at hand and either Claire or the other staff are quick to put your at ease and explain the differences between the choices on offer.  Claire has also developed her own special blend of coffee (and provides an interesting tale to how it came into being!).  My choice today is a pot of Darjeeling tea.  The rest of my party choose coffees.

If the coffee and tea was hard enough to decide on, then the cakes to compliment it may prove even more of a challenge.  There was a comprehensive selection of cakes; 14 in all!  There are no cakes on display but are written up on two blackboards for you to peruse.

They are all homemade by Claire on the day or night before so their freshness is guaranteed.  Arguably, the choice is made slightly easier by being able to have two half portions of different cakes for the price of one.  I eventually choose two half portions of a raspberry & almond tart and moist lemon cake.

Soon enough the sound of the coffees being ground is heard.  Claire returns to our table to give us a little lesson on the two types of coffee we had ordered. She shows us the ground coffee in a cup and invites us to have a good sniff at the aroma and draws our attention to the difference in colour between the two.  She says her experience over the years allows her to know coffee by smell and colour.  This was an interesting touch as it added to the personal experience and demonstrated even more Claire’s passion for her business.  A little later, the cafetiere arrives on the table with a little egg timer that needs to run down completly which is the perfect time to allow the coffee to brew; it is then safe to take to the plunger!  My tea was complete with just a little strainer – no tea bags here!

The cake arrives shortly afterwards, simply, but beautifully presented with a swirl of berry coulis and gooseberry garnish.  The freshness of the baking was evident and the flavour and texture certainly did not disappoint.

Before we know it, me and my fellow friends realise we’ve whiled away several hours and it’s nearly closing time.  We have been blissfully oblivious to the wet and cold weather outside and it is therefore with much reluctance we bid our farewell to this cosy corner of Haworth.  But as we brace ourselves against the elements we steel some resolve from the fabulous experience that is No 10 The Coffee House and vow to return.
10 The Coffee House
10 Main Street
West Yorkshire
BD22 8DA
Opening Hours:   Thursday – Sunday 12.30 – 6.30pm
Telephone:             01535 644694

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