The Viaduct Cafe, Deanclough, Halifax

A spur of the moment opportunity arose to meet up with a special friend of mine today, C,  for lunch and what could have been better than returning to this lovely, informal cafe.  The sun even came out so we could enjoy our lunch on the wooden tables and benches outside.  The cafe is discreetly sheltered in a little ‘well’ created by the imposing and impressive Deanclough Mill buildings towering above it.  You are oblivious to the hustle and bustle of the Halifax traffic above.

This self-service cafe serves an excellent range of light meals, coffee, teas and cake.  The atmosphere is informal but the quality of the food is excellent.  The prices are also extremely reasonable which goes to make this eatery well worth a visit.

After much deliberation and a boat load of patience from said friend whilst I made up my mind, I ordered a plated salad that consisted of falafel, tzatziki, couscous and a mixed side salad with feta.  We placed our order at the counter – the staff were very helpful and willing to accommodate my request to ensure there wasn’t any raw onion in the salad.  We then went out into the sun to await our order.

We did not have long to wait and when the food did arrive it was well presented and all evidently freshly prepared.   The falafel was warmed which I was very pleased about as sometimes find it a little ‘heavy’ if served cold.  It was all extremely delicious – I was pleased that my initial quandary of what to order had ended up with making the right choice!  Moreover, my bill was only a mere £3.50.  Extremely good value.

C had a sandwich with cheddar and beetroot which she said was very good too.  While C had a coffee to finish off with I declined … I very rarely have coffee and cake out if I can help it because I know I can do better at Chez Shamwari!

The Viaduct Cafe Bar –