I hate wasting any food so am always looking for ideas to use up those bits of leftovers and nothing more so than egg whites.  I seem to always have a lot of egg whites as I make my own ice cream (my signature flavour being my own rendition of “Baileys”!) which leaves me with 4 eggs whites to use up.  The challenge was further enhanced with the recent apple pie practising (see other previous postings on this subject) with the pastry also leaving another 4 egg whites!

I’ve dealt with this (nice) problem in the following ways:

  1. freezing – they freeze extremely well.  I put them into small pastic containers in quantities that might match a recipe I could use in the future.  To defrost, I just remove from the freezer and leave on the counter to fully defrost then use as normal
  2. add to an omelette or frittata (up to 4 depending on size of omelette or frittata)
  3. in scrambled eggs (no more than 2 if making a 2 egg portion)
  4. in a roulade (Delia’s Cheese and Parsnip Roulade is a favourite of mine and I add up to 2 extra whites to this – http://www.deliaonline.com/recipes/type-of-dish/party-food/roulade/cheese-and-parsnip-roulade-with-sage-and-onion-stuffing.html

So, I had 4 egg whites I wanted to use up earlier this week and didn’t want to put them in the freezer.  I also had some fresh tarragon and parsley that needed using up.  So I decided to try a cheese souffle.  The recipe stated 4 eggs plus an extra egg white. I decided to go with two eggs and my four egg whites and kept the rest of the recipe as stated. I ended up with a slight bonus because when I broke open one of the eggs, it had a double yolk!

Well the end result was delicious and was so light and fluffly.  A few boiled charlotte potatoes and a mixed green salad finished things off very nicely.

Note to self to revise above list and add number (5) … cheese souffle.