Coffee and cake

Now to me a cup of coffee is a waste of time unless I’ve got something sweet to eat with it.  That something sweet really needs to be a cake or pud of some sort.  A biscuit, for example, wouldn’t really fit the bill.

Saturdays and Sundays I really look forward to enjoy because I do indulge in a cafetiere of coffee (out of my favourite coffee mug) and a piece of homemade baking.

My favourite coffee mug

You see, I do my best to abstain from coffee during the week otherwise I would have a rapidly expanding waistline due to the urge to satisfy my sweet tooth with that cuppa!

Today my treat was a slice of banoffee cheesecake (one of Delia’s recipes  Delia’s comments about the toasted pecan nuts are spot on about being the star ingredient.  They really do add the finishing touch.

Banoffee cheesecake

So with cake and coffee in hand, weekend newspapers in the other, I don’t think it gets much better than this.

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