Chez Shamwari’s inaugural afternoon tea

Saturday 2 July was an exciting day for me as it saw the inaugural afternoon tea at Chez Shamwari.  Attendance at this event was by private invitation only to friends of mine who didn’t mind being guinea pigs to my ‘full dress rehearsal’ of afternoon tea. I thought a practice run was a good idea to ensure things would be up to the standard expected at Chez Shamwari and to make sure I learn any ‘hard’ lessons now before I have the paying public come through my doors!

All my 6 guests did not know each other individually bar for two of them but this didn’t stem the conversation and evident enjoyment from the laughter that ensued.

The menu can be viewed here but included finger sandwiches, a few savouries, scones with jam & clotted cream and a selection of cakes.

Not  only did I learn some lessons on my own from the work ‘behind the scenes’, my  guests also provided me with some invaluable comments and suggestions.

But by all accounts it was a resounding success as indicated by the comments subsequently received:

“I found the whole experience i.e. the surroundings, company and food very enjoyable and relaxing and would definitely do this again. Thank you so much for introducing this new concept to me”

 “I enjoyed the overall experience of having a delicious tea in a homely environment accompanied by stimulating conversation with people I’d never met before. Great fun!”

 “It was really interesting to meet up with other people in a relaxing environment and enjoy excellent food. It was a fascinating and unique experience having a wonderful Afternoon Tea with good company in a ‘Titus Salt’ house”

 “I enjoyed many aspects of this new experience. These included the concept of secret tea rooms- hidden but in a location I have visited many times previously, meeting new people (with the potential to expand my network of friends etc), feeling totally pampered and relaxed- enjoying a lovely well thought through mixture of food and being able to compare these tastes with the other tea goers and quiz the hostess on her choice of food and recipes (understandably some were kept secret 😉 )”

 “I felt that a great deal of thought had been put into the choices of food we were offered and really enjoyed the resultant differing tastes and textures. Many thanks- not only for this lovely culinary experience, but for allowing me to enjoy it in your beautiful house, with its associated history, sharing the food with a mixture of lovely people from differing walks of life.”

I would like to say a big thank you to my lovely guests for ensuring the official opening of Chez Shamwari such a special and exciting occasion for me.  I hope to see you back at my table in the near future.

It only remains for me to say that if the above feedback is anything to go by, the word is out on Saltaire’s best kept secret … but you will need to vouch for that yourselves so please book your table here.

Banana cake with cream cheese frosting

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1 Response to Chez Shamwari’s inaugural afternoon tea

  1. Vicky Sygrove says:

    Thank you Chez Shamwari for an absolutely delicious lunch. The food was beautifully prepared with lots of lovely details like the oil and balsamic dip for the home made warm bread rolls and the truly melt-in-the-month after lunch chocolate truffles.

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