Menu for Afternoon Tea 17 & 18 September

Here’s the menu for the two afternoon tea events I’m holding on 17 & 18 September.  The general theme is “A Taste of Victorian England” to coincide with the annual Saltaire Fesitval; the influence being Saltaire’s Victorian heritage.  I wouldn’t go so far to say it’s a very true reflection of what the Victorians may be eaten but the menu includes things such as sausage rolls, Victoria sandwich cake and Bakewell tart that have a strong English connotation.



Tuna with dill mayonnaise

Goat’s cheese & preserved figs


Sausage rolls

Blinis with burnt aubergine & tahini paté

Cakes & scones

Lemon drizzle cake

Bakewell tart

Victoria sandwich cake

Buttermilk scones with jam & clotted cream


Loose leaf Rooibos (South African Herbal Tea)

Loose leaf Tanganda (Zimbabwean black tea)

Early grey

English breakfast

Green tea & selection of fruit teas

Caffetière Coffees

Columbian Decaffeinated

Nicaragua Santa Barbarina Marogogype

Suggested donation £13

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