Gluten Free Afternoon Tea Menu 15 January

I am very much looking forward to hosting my first gluten free afternoon tea.  I was motivated to start offering gluten free menus as I became aware of good friends of mine suffering from coeliac disease.  I was moved by their frustration and disappointment in not being able to participate in such things as an afternoon tea and how careful they had to be whilst eating out.

Awareness of the disease is growing.  I include myself in that as  I have learnt so much about this disease in researching this menu and as I continue to read about it.

I hope this event will be the first of many!

Afternoon Tea
15 January 2012

Roasted peppers & pesto
Gammon & mustard
Smoked mackerel paté

Bluecheese muffins
Swiss onion tart

Cakes & scones
Carrot cake
Ricotta cake with coffee syrup
Victoria sandwich cake with chocolate icing
Buttermilk scones with jam & clotted cream

Loose leaf Rooibos (South African Herbal Tea)
Loose leaf Tanganda (Zimbabwean black tea)
Loose leaf Ilam (Nepali)
Early grey
English breakfast
Green tea & selection of fruit teas

Caffetière Coffees
Columbian Decaffeinated
South African Dark Roast

Suggested donation £14

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3 Responses to Gluten Free Afternoon Tea Menu 15 January

  1. Jill Taylor says:

    Can I be cheeky & ask what recipe you use for your savoury pastry tart?
    I am great with breads, soda breads, cakes & brownies but a dismal failure at W/F pastry!!
    Thanks (twitter: @jill_jtc)

    • Shamwari says:

      Hi Jill. Thanks for your comment. With pleasure you may see the recipe I use for my gluten free pastry. I’ve just posted it up on my new recipe page. The link is here.
      Let me know how you get on and if you have any questions!

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