According to Welcome To Yorkshire, the county boasts the most Michelin Starred restaurants than any other county in the UK; precisely six of them at the time of writing (February 2013).  This did both surprise me and catch my imagination.  Maybe it shouldn’t have though as Yorkshire (encompassing North, South, East & West Ridings) is the largest county by area in the UK.

I had been under the impression that going to such restaurants was well outside my league in terms of price and privileged experience.  It was thanks to a friend that I discovered how accessible and reasonably priced they could be.  To ‘quench’ my curiosity and satisfy my imagination, I set myself a little objective to visit each one of them and so began my quest to ‘tick them all off my list’.  This blog is all about that journey which took place over several months.  I hope you will get a flavour and taste of what a delicious journey it has been.

I decided this blog would be extremely long if all the reviews of the 6 appeared on this one page.  I have therefore tried to make it more manageable using the links below to individual reviews; I hope you will agree.

So the six are restaurants in order of my journey are:

  1. The Box Tree in Ilkley
  2. The Burlington at The Devonshire Arms Hotel, Bolton Abbey
  3. The Yorke Arms in Nidderdale
  4. The Old Vicarage in Sheffield
  5. The Black Swan in Oldstead
  6. The Pipe & Glass in South Dalton

I soon realised there was a familiar pattern and format at these restaurants with pre-dinner canapés and the intriguing ‘amuse bouche’.  I had to plead ignorance the first time round when I saw this on the menu.  For those of you who might not know, it’s basically a bit size morsel or hors d’oeuvre that you don’t select yourself but is provided as a pre-starter and is down to the chef’s selection and creativity alone.

The above order was more by chance than design.  If you have had the chance to review all the above, perhaps you will have decided on what might have been your own favourite?  It was in some ways fortuitous that The Pipe & Glass happened to be the last on my list because this really was the ‘star that shone brighter’ than the others for me.  In every respect, it was the most enjoyable.  The Black Swan following a very, very close second.  This is not to diminish the excellence of all the others; but it was just one of those experiences where everything seemed to fit into place to make for a perfect occasion.