Afternoon Tea Sunday 9 June 2013

What could be better than kicking off the long awaited summer with a seriously delectable afternoon tea?  I am honoured to have some returning guests for this event as well as some that have been on my waiting list for some time and have struck lucky at last, beating others to the door!    I hope the choices on this menu will be enjoyed by all and prove to be an afternoon of fun, new friendships and deliciousness.

Place setting


Cream cheese & roasted red peppers

Pink salmon & cucumber

Ham & wholegrain mustard


Sweetcorn fritters & tomato salsa

Pear & stilton tart

Cakes & scones

Banana cake


Black Forest Gâteau

Buttermilk scones with jam & clotted cream


Loose leaf Rooibos (South African Herbal Tea)

Loose leaf Tanganda (Zimbabwean black tea)

Loose leaf Ilam (Nepali)

Earl Grey

English breakfast

Green tea & selection of fruit teas

Cafetière Coffees

Premium roasted ‘Normal’ and Decaffeinated

Minimum donation £14 pp

Pear & stilton tart; sweetcorn fritters & tomato relishTable set with finger sarnies & warm savouriesBanana cake & meringuesButtermilk sconesSweet courseBlack Forest Gateau

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4 Responses to Afternoon Tea Sunday 9 June 2013

  1. Jo B says:

    Ooh, this is such a mouthwatering menu! I can just imagine some of those flavours and some tastes that are new to me too! I hope all your afternoon tea-ers love it all- I’m sure they will!! Wow, and the gateau!! Mmmm!!!

  2. says:

    Sounds scrummy Shirley. I’m away at a conference or I’d also be beating a path to your door. Not seen eachother for a bit. Are you coming to the next WI? hope all’s well Barbara

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