This month’s event was celebrating the club’s first anniversary.  It’s hard to believe we’ve been through a year of cake already!  Such happy memories and fun along the way.

When I set the theme for this I hoped there might not too a literal take on the ‘fire’ and we’d be calling in the local fire service; fortunately, I needn’t have worried!   I had intended to put a candle on my cake but in the excitement of putting the finishing touches to it and seeing all the others’ arriving, it’s slipped my mind, but it didn’t detract from the overall effect of it.

Our venue this month was the delightful Jeanette’s Cakery in Saltaire.  We were extremely well looked after.  It’s a cosy little shop theme on the 1940s & 50s even down to the fab juke box in the corner which ‘serenaded’ our evening.

Inside Jeanette's Cakery enjoyng cake!

While we were left to chat and drink our tea, Jeanette was beavering away in her little kitchen at the back baking for the next day’s fresh offering in the café.  It all smelt delicious.

The interpretation of the theme by everyone was so original and clever in each case.  The creativity was inspiring.  The ‘fire’ was coming through with the appearance of ginger & chilli due to their natural heat.  ‘Ice’ was represented by peppermint and even ice cream in the centre of once chocolate & chill cake! Another interpretation of was cleverly done with a citrus drizzle cake, the juice being infused with chilli and the cake having an addition of vodka (Smirnoff Ice!).  There was the use of colour as well to predict fire through red and orange and white and lightly coloured frostings for the ice aspect.

Here’s a feast for your eyes on all the cakes.





P1040808My cake

If that’s what a year of cake was like, more I say!  Thanks to all the members for their support over the past year; you all make the club the joy that it is.