Ay to Zed – Saltaire Clandestine Cake Club

Who would have thought health and cake could go together?  That we could actually have our cake and eat it too?  Well, we proved it just so at our Saltaire Clandestine Cake Club event on Tuesday 16 July as our venue was Nuffield Health Club in Shipley!  For those that hadn’t been to the gym for ages, there was now a very good excuse to break absence record.  Whether it was guilt or just the feel good factor from sharing cake, there were plenty signing up for the free 1-day pass to visit the gym … on a non-cake day I hasten to add.

I would like to extend a very big thank you to our hosts at Nuffield Health; the venue worked very well for us with plenty of space to spread ourselves out and relax on what was a very warm, summer’s evening.

Themed ‘Ay to Zed’, everyone was assigned a random letter between A and Z for this event.  The task?  To create a cake related to that letter, whether an ingredient or description using that letter.  The aspiration was always to achieve a ‘full house’ of 26 cakes for each letter of the alphabet.  However, that was not to be and we achieved a very respectable 13 in all.  All the cakes were fantastic and all excelled in their creativity in interpreting the theme.

The letters that were in the making along with their relevant cakes were:

A – Apple & apricot cake with almonds


C  – Courgette, lemon & poppy seed

IMG_1590 - Copy

D – Dundee cake


E – Ethiopian coffee cake


G – Grand Marnier, chocolate & hazelnut cheesecake


K – Kirsch cake


L – Lemon & lavender


M – Mississippi mud cake


O – Oreo cake


Q – Quince & Rooibos cake


T – Toffee apple cake


Y – Yoghurt cake with lemon


Z – Zebra cake


This is rather jolly good fun having our cake and eating it too …

Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing, Shipley
2 Fred Atkinson Way
Otley Road
West Yorkshire
BD17 7HE
Find out more about the Clandestine Cake Club:
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