Who remembers the 1950s TV game show ‘Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?‘ (very much before my time I hasten to add!)?  The idea being that expert archeologists, art historians, or natural history experts, were expected to identify interesting objects or artefacts.   The inspiration of this theme then for our September cake event was to employ our very selves as cake experts to guess the animal, vegetable or mineral flavour or ingredient of our cake.

To maintain the suspense, cake labels were only revealed half way through the evening after some serious tasting and guessing.  What a good excuse to have to try each cake!  It was probably fortuitous we were lower in numbers than usual and therefore fewer cakes to get round.


Most of the cakes took up the vegetable theme.  With a bit of lateral thinking, I thought my honey, apple and cinnamon cake could be aligned to animal.  You know, honey = bees = animal kingdom.  Yes? No?

It was great to have three new cake lovers along and no sooner had the frivolities commenced, they were very soon very much part of the furniture.

Our hosts for the evening were Vicars Bistro in Saltaire.


This is a non-profit social enterprise, café by day and bistro by night (on Friday & Saturday evenings).   Vicars offer delicious food and drink; all their menus and events are detailed on their website.  They support several causes one of which is a Zimbabwean HIV care programme and orphanage.  A corner of the earth that holds very special place in my heart being my land of birth!

We were looked after extremely well and were made to feel very welcome from the outset.  We couldn’t have had a more pleasant evening.

Here is the fantastic spread of cakes …





A final thank you again to our wonderful hosts, Vicars Café Bistro.  We look forward to taking your offer up of a return visit!

Vicars Café Bistro
79 Victoria Road
West Yorkshire
BD18 3JS
E:  vicarscafebistro@googlemail.com
www: vicarscafebistro.co.uk
Clandestine Cake Club