With autumn knocking on our doors and the summer all but gone, this month’s theme had a seasonal edge to it.  Spices would be welcome to bring warmth against the now much cooler nights; seeds & herbs reflections on the recent harvest.

Our wonderful hosts for the evening were The Foundry Hill Bar & Lounge in Bingley.  The Foundry is a great ‘watering hole’ and eatery offering really tasty food and drink with great service.  I recommend a visit if you’ve not been yet!  The layout and cosy atmosphere of The Foundry Hill was perfect for our evening and as a credit to how our hosts, we were enjoying ourselves so much, we hardly noticed the time and were in danger of being politely asked to make our leave!

This was our second visit to them (almost a year to the date).  We were extremely grateful at being welcomed back and were again very well looked after and made to feel so  welcome.  Our hosts had opened especially for us, so a very big thank you to them for their hospitality.

We had yet another fantastic selection of cakes again; eleven in all and amongst them, three savoury ones – always a welcome balance against the now infamous sugar rush!  These included wonderful combinations of goat’s cheese & prune; basil, pine nut, parmesan & bacon; and semolina, leeks & sesame seeds (a traditional recipe from Kosovo!).

On the sweeter side, while some bakers had used the same seed or herb as others, the cakes had followed different recipes and used different combinations of complementary flavours.  Interestingly, there was more than one cake that used the same flavour, seed or herb.  These were:  ginger, caraway seeds, fennel, and poppy seed.  However, they all sat quite comfortably sharing the same table together as they were all completely different.  Superb!

Here they all are:







A final note of thanks again to our hosts at The Foundry Hill and for the invite for yet another return visit.  We’ll certainly be back!

Foundry Hill Bar & Lounge
Wellington St, Bingley, BD16 2NB
Tel:  01274 566 144
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