My Favourite Colour – Saltaire Clandestine Cake Club

There were endless possibilities of cake creations that could turn up for our event on 3 February.  If yellow was top of your list, then maybe a lemon cake of some sort.  If blue, maybe lavender or blueberry something or other?  Creativity with icing was also an option.  Personally I have several colours I like and did contemplate a rainbow cake in my initial musings on what to do; why pick one colour when you could choose many?

As you will see from the pics below, we had 10 cakes, some common favourite colours but every cake gloriously different and beautiful individual.

 Our venue was a return visit to Nuffield Gym in Shipley who were fantastic hosts yet again.  Who said eating cake can’t be healthy?!  No better excuse to get to the gym even if it’s for cake!  So a big thank you to them.

Here’s a rainbow of colour in cake …



IMG_4896 IMG_4932
IMG_4901 IMG_4941
IMG_4905 IMG_4928
IMG_4908 IMG_4936
IMG_4912 IMG_4938
IMG_4915 IMG_4926

 And the pot of gold? Cake of course!

Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing, Shipley
2 Fred Atkinson Way
Otley Road
West Yorkshire
BD17 7HE


Find out more about the Clandestine Cake Club:

CCC logo

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