I could just begin with what’s not like to about cake and leave it at that? Well indeed. But if you like your cake [and by inference pudding] and to eat it too, then there’s more “what’s not to like” in having Pudding Cakes, don’t you think?

Think of your favourite pudding. Got that? Now with a bit of reconstruction, reinvention and jiggery pokery in the oven, transform it into a cake and you’re there! Think sherry trifle (cake), or lemon meringue pie (cake), or apple crumble (cake) or jelly & custard (cake). I think you’ve got the idea.

The mastery of all inventions our club members never fail to be and thus was our enjoyment over a few hours whiled away in the ever delightful Terrace café bar in Saltaire. A very big thank you goes to them for their hospitality and generosity in allowing us to avail ourselves of them again.

I shan’t linger as I’m sure you’re keen to see what was for dessert …








A final thank you to our lovely hosts for the evening:

The Terrace

83 Bingley Road



West Yorkshire

BD18 4SB




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