The baking theme for this month was an encouragement to shake off the dust of those cookery books seldom used or to put to use what might have appeared under our Christmas trees.   There weren’t many of us for our gathering but it was none the less great fun with lots of chit chat.

Our hosts for the evening were the lovely people at YoYo in Shipley.  We were made to feel very welcome and they couldn’t have done enough for us.  So a big thank you to them.

I couldn’t resist taking along two offerings both from my favourite cookery book, Pâtisserie.  The first one, a redcurrant, black cherry & fromage frais entremet was very challenging as it had several component parts and all had to be put together in various stages.  I was relieved as it seemed to turn out alright in the end but moreover it got the thumbs up from our little gathering which meant the world to me (thanks guys!).  The other was more straightforward, a chestnut & rum cake; the only criticism is I think it needed more rum (hic)!

The other cakes we had: a deliciously most fruit cake; and an apple & cinnamon cake with a delightful crunchy nut brittle topping (from a Mary Berry book if I remember correctly?).

So here are the cakes …






Once again a big thank you to our hosts at YoYo.

YoYo Bar & Restaurant

Rosse St., Shipley, BD18 3SW


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