As You Like It – Saltaire Clandestine Cake Club

With 2016 being the 400 year anniversary of Will Shakespeare’s passing and with all manner of commemorations taking place around the country, we thought we’d pay our own little tribute to the Bard with a ‘cake knees up’ of our own.

It wasn’t necessary to find a link, tenuous or otherwise, to the 16th Century as any cake ‘as you like it’ would do.  I was concerned mine would be a ‘comedy of errors’ as it was a concoction of using leftovers in the fridge and was more concept than recipe.  Whilst another, true to form, threw caution to the wind and dismissed the recipe’s ‘measure for measure’ recommended quantities but “all’s well that ends well” as the final outcome was delish.

Our hosts for the evening were the fabulous folks at Hollins Hall in Baildon.  We were blessed with a very sunny midsummer (night’s dream) evening too and were able to enjoy the lovely views overlooking the valley below.  Thank you.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

With ‘much ado about nothing’ more here are our cakes:









Hollins Hill, Baildon, Shipley Bradford England BD17 7QW United Kingdom


To find out more about the Saltaire Clandestine Cake Club, go to:

CCC logo

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